Spotify Officially Launched Music Streaming Service in Pakistan
Spotify Officially Launched Music Streaming Service in Pakistan 1024 683 KaamLab

Spotify Officially Launched Music Streaming Service in Pakistan

Spotify finally launched their services officially in Pakistan.

Spotify has also created an Instagram account with the name of “Spotify Pakistan” which has now over 15,000 followers. This is where they will be adding new content updates for the Pakistani audience.

spotify pakistan instagram

Spotify is the biggest streaming platform in the world having 144 million subscribers on board.

With the launch of Spotify, it will be a great push for the Podcasts in Pakistan to get even more famous. With the Podcasts are getting famous, it is also promoting audio advertising along with it.

The premium version of Spotify Pakistan will cost between $3 to $8 depending on the type of your susbcription.

FinancesOnline Listed KaamLab And Awarded 2 Awards
FinancesOnline Listed KaamLab And Awarded 2 Awards 1024 409 KaamLab

FinancesOnline Listed KaamLab And Awarded 2 Awards

KaamLab is proud to unveil that it got listed on FinancesOnline. With an impressive review rating of 8.0, KaamLab has now made its way as one of the trending digital marketing services across the world.

But, that’s not all that KaamLab has achieved this year, It brings us great proud to also unveiled that KaamLab has received two awards (Great User Experience & Rising Star Award).

Who gets these awards?

  • Rising Start Award is often given to the organizations who come up with great strategies to launch an innovative brand or product which can make a great impact on the market.
  • Great User Experience Award is given to the organizations that succeed in making a smooth user experience.

About Kaamlab

KaamLab is a digital marketing agency working in Karachi, Pakistan having local as well as foreign clients providing them graphic designing, audio, and video composition, Digital Marketing, Social Media Advertising, Web Development, and SEO.

With the help of KaamLab businesses can grow their online presence in no time. Having lots of clients on board, this creates a new space for clients to have a competitive environment to compete with their competitors.

What is Financesonline? and why this listing means so much?

FinancesOnline is a stage that distributes association audits dependent on most SaaS (Software as a Service) items and is a standout amongst the best programming items available. On the off chance that you are going to buy a SaaS item for your business tasks, it is best prompted that you initially experience its survey on a solid stage, for example, FinancesOnline. It likewise gives clients a thorough examination giving them through and through more knowledge on the best way to pick the best item for their separate tasks.

For the most part, they spread distinctive cloud-based programming arrangements and empower clients to pick the best one. Getting yourself distributed on FinancesOnline is a major accomplishment since it is a dependable survey site and gives genuine experiences on future items.