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Top 10 Best Urdu Podcast To Listen Right Away – Best Pakistani Podcasts

These are the list of best trending Urdu podcasts to listen to for Urdu-speaking people.

1. KaamLab Media Podcast

A never-before-seen project, Kaamlab Podcast, talks about Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.

First-ever Urdu podcast covering marketing aspects in Urdu. It brings to light new insights into the digital marketing realm and discusses how to market your product effectively.

This podcast is hosted by individuals with decent experience in the field and seeks to invite a distinguished guest with a long-standing background in Digital Marketing, social media, and Business.

You can listen to it on:

2. Urdu Adab

The podcast aims to teach Urdu Adab to individuals who are not fluent in the language and can neither write it.

It contains short stories which shed light on various literary genres and is meant to be meaningful yet lighthearted at the same time. Hosted by Dr. S. Naqvi, prose and poetry are both covered in this series.

3. Kaliyan

If you are looking for a series to keep your children engaged, then Kaliyan is what you need. This is a bilingual podcast aiming to entertain children with English as well as Urdu stories. Naseem Naz hosts it.

4. Happy Chirp

Please tune in to this podcast that discusses lifestyle, relationships, and the horror that adulting actually turns out to be (we are kidding), all in one place!

The Host Alizeh Ali Shah does a fantastic job highlighting the real-life issues yet keeping the atmosphere cozy and friendly.

5. The Mosiki Podcast

Outdoor Raisin is here to feature the latest music vibes that you should tune in to and highlights everything that happens in the indie and electronic music scene here in Pakistan.

They don’t limit themselves to just one genre, though, so give them a listen to learn what’s cooking in the music industry.

Besides, casual talk over culture, art, politics, and other random stuff also brew on The Mosiki Project and the best part? New artists can get in touch to get featured on the show. Wholesome!!

6. Main Shayar Tou Nahin

Abdul Raoof Siddiqui celebrates Urdu as the language of love. He aspires to preserve and promote the majestic beauty that Urdu Language and Literature is.

His love of this language started from listening to Hindi music classics based on Urdu poetry. What started as a curiosity turned into a passion that now listeners can feel through his podcast.

7. Podcast Chowk

If you are a fan of some light banter, Podcast Chowk is the podcast to subscribe to. Listen in as Trench Productions hit Pakistan’s politics, current affairs, religion, society, culture, and entertainment.

International news makes its way in as well, so this series technically rounds up the global happenings for you.

Discussions are easy to relate to, and speakers tend to bring a part of their personalities to the table. There is a new episode every week.

8. TPR Pod

This podcast is not for the weak-hearted. Join Rizwan, Ali, and Sirkhail every week as they talk about everything that makes this country great and not so great. Anything you can think of, these guys cover it.

Don’t take our word for it—experience TPR Pod yourself. Even better, Jinns make a cameo as a discussion on their series. Grab some popcorn, maybe?

9. Lehja

Listen to Raheel Farooq as he renders classic Urdu literature on his podcast series with a soothing background score that takes the stress out of the equation.

Have some much-needed quiet time as you get to experience the serenity that only a beautiful language can bring. A cup of tea, and this podcast is a match made in Heaven.

10. The Pakistan Experience

There is so much that happens in Pakistan which is not covered by traditional media. An hour-long news bulletin can only do so much anyway.

The Pakistan Experience aims to highlight all the unconventional stories that inspire and sometimes teach a lesson mandatory for evolving as a society to cover the gap.

Well-deserved individuals can find this platform to showcase their talent or story. Join in every week.