Netflix Introduces Mobile Package in Pakistan Costs Rs. 475

The company has introduced the mobile package of Netflix for Pakistani subscribers. The most affordable entertainment solution for the Pakistani audience.

Few days after Spotify was made public for Pakistani subscribers years after it was introduced for the American and European audience, Netflix has come up with a new mobile package, which allowed users to watch Netflix only on their Mobile and Tablets.

netflix mobile only

This is to be noted, and this is only a mobile-only version, so it will not work on your laptop, desktop computer, or any console.

Netflix Mobile-only Package

This package is best if you;

  • Watch Netflix on Mobile.
  • Watch Netflix on Tablet.

If you’re a fan of watching TV Series and Movies on your smartphone, this is the cheapest package of Netflix you can get.

Recently, Netflix has announced the crackdown on the people who share their Netflix account. This move came after the number of viewers surpassed the viewers paying for their subscription.

How much does it cost?

The package costs only Rs. 475/=

So, get your own Netflix right away in Rs. 475 and start watching your favorite shows.

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