PS4 Price in Pakistan in 2021

PS4 Price in Pakistan is Rs. 60,000 in 2021. The PS4 comes in two variants, 500GB and 1TB, and can easily be bought online.

PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS5 are in high demand these days as the gaming industry has started booming.

With that being said, the demand for the consoles in the country has also gone higher, along with the pricing due to the dollar’s increasing rate.

Here are the prices for the other variants of the Sony Playstation in Pakistan;

PS4 Slim Price in Pakistan

The price of PS4 Slim in Pakistan is Rs. 42,000/=.

PS4 Pro Price in Pakistan

PS4 Pro will cost Rs. 80,000/= in Pakistan.

PS5 Price in Pakistan

The price of PS5 is Rs. 125,000/= in Pakistan.

The major query we usually get in our inbox is the best place to buy these consoles. We would recommend buying it from either Daraz or Telemart after giving a detailed look at the reviews, and if there are few reviews or no reviews at all, it is best to buy it from another seller.

The best part that is to be liked in Daraz is that they support monthly installments, making it easier for the buyer to make payments, so it is easier for a person to buy these consoles without facing any financial strain.

The specifications of all the mentioned consoles are impressive and are the best alternative to PC gaming. If you ask us if Playstation 4 and its variants are still worth it in 2021, our answer would be YES!

So, if you’re planning to buy one, now is the time to go ahead and buy it. You can also check out Xbox if you’re fond of subscription-based gaming as it supports GamePass, but in Playstation, you have to either stick with buying the games you like separately or get Playstation Go.

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